Secrets of Posing 2

May 16, 2020

Such pictures can carry a different semantic load - from playful to strongly erotic.
- The model lies on its side, leaning on a bent elbow, while the upper leg is slightly bent, and the lower leg remains straight, due to which the legs look “endless”.
- The model rests on the left arm slightly bent behind itself, while the right arm is relaxed, both legs are bent at the knees (the left thigh lies on the surface, the right thigh is raised).


- The position of the head full-face and a gaze directed into the camera are not always aesthetically and compositionally justified. It is better to turn your face at an angle to the camera, then the gaze will also be directed at an angle, which will create  a sense of intrigue and mystery.
- Keep track of the light`s direction (skin imperfections that are in the opposite direction from the light source will be emphasized, therefore, you need to turn your head so that they are completely illuminated).
- Keep your shoulders lowered and relaxed.
- Do not forget about the principle of asymmetry: a head tilted towards a raised shoulder will create a playful impression, while a head tilted towards a lowered shoulder will help the model express self-esteem.
- DO NOT stretch your arms, elbows, legs toward the photographer unless he asks. There is a distortion of perspective, which by no means always looks photogenic.

If you are adjusting your hair with hands, you should spread your elbows to the sides, and not set them in the direction of the camera.





















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