April 17, 2020

1. Do you need just photos or good photos? If just photos - then look for a photographer by price. If good, then only by portfolio.
2. Do not trust the shooting to your friends who are not professionals. The result will surprise you unpleasantly.
3. Browse through the portfolio of photographers not only a few selected successful staged shots, but the entire series. To understand how a photographer takes both reportage and staged photos, look at least 2 complete photo shoots.
4. Try on the photos you see. Imagine yourself in these pictures. Would you like to look like this?
5. Find out what the photographer’s price includes. Deadlines for the finished material, the way of processing, the number of hours of shooting.

1. No matter how trite it may sound, but the experience of photographer is very important! Carefully review the portfolio, if you do not like at least something, you should look at other options, since the choice in the market for photographers is huge.
2. It is very important that you are on the same wavelength with this person. If you cannot find a common language, everything will only get worse in an exciting atmosphere!
3. In advance, discuss the itinerary of the walk, ask photographer about locations he can offer you. An experienced photographer will likely provide you with a list of the most beautiful places for a photo shoot. And you can think in advance of the itinerary.












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